Wellness Tips for Long Haul International Flights

Wellness Tips for Long Haul International Flights

People who travel on international flights can take certain precautions to keep themselves healthy en route. Preventing illnesses makes it possible for travelers to accomplish all their travel goals and have the most fulfilling vacations or businesses trips. If travelers happen to become sick on a flight or at any other point during their trips, their travel insurance policies may reimburse some of their expenses. These four wellness tips can keep travelers out of harm’s way while aboard long-haul international flights.

Walking is Important

Sitting for too long can create certain health hazards, and getting up and walking around the airplane cabin at least a few times during an international flight can prevent these problems. Deep vein thrombosis is a condition that causes a blood clot to form in the legs and often results from sitting too long. This blood clot can become dislodged and travel to the lungs, which could be fatal. Leg cramping and swelling may also happen from sitting too long and could make it more difficult to walk after the flight has landed.

Wear a Face Mask

There are face masks on the market that cover the mouth and nose and are great for preventing airborne illnesses on international flights. Cycling masks that cover half the face and include small holes with filters for easy breathing often work well on long-haul flights. Some of these face masks can also filter out allergens that are known to cause illnesses.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Most international airlines serve cocktails and other alcoholic beverages on their flights, but drinking them may be detrimental for travelers. The air that circulates through the cabin is drier, and the combined dehydrating effects of alcohol can cause serious dehydration. Headaches, dizziness and stomachaches may also intensify if alcohol is consumed on a flight. Even though a trip insurance policy will cover certain expenses related to illnesses, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol on flights so that sickness can be preventing altogether.

Sleep Comfortably

Although this may be difficult on an airplane, it is important to rest comfortably and get as much sleep as possible while flying long distances. Eye masks can be worn to block out light and elicit better sleep. Neck pillows are designed to provide additional comfort and support. Wearing loose and comfortable clothing along with shoes that are easy to slip on and off is advisable.

In addition to having reliable trip insurance policies, travelers should keep these wellness tips in mind to stay healthy on their long-haul international flights.

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