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Travel Guard has been in the travel insurance market for over 20 years. They are owned by Chartis and underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company, which is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best. National Union Fire Insurance Company has been in business since 1901.


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Travel Guard is a great option for those who are looking for trip insurance. When traveling overseas, getting travel insurance is the best way to protect yourself and your family from unforeseen circumstances. Travel Guard has three major plans customers can choose from, giving you the right amount of flexibility. Everyone’s travel plans are different, which is why Travel Guard offers a great deal of choice in their plans.


Detailed Information About Travel Guard

Travel Guard is an insurance company that has been around for more than 20 years. They are the leading travel insurance provider in the United States. They have thorough travel insurance plans that are sent to about 15,000 travel companies throughout the world.

The company is synonymous with success in the insurance business. Their claims record is second to none and their customer service is award winning. One of the reasons people trust Travel Guard is their 24/7 customer service numbers. No matter where you are, you can call Travel Guard and get the assistance you need.

Travel Guard offers medical assistance, emergency services, worldwide travel assistance, and concierge assistance to their clients. Travel Guard insures more than 40 million people around the globe, in 160 different countries.

They even have a sister company, Matrix Direct, that provides term life insurance to clients. Matrix Direct has been around since 1995.


Plans Offered by Travel Guard


The Basic Plan provided by Travel Guard includes important travel insurance coverage benefits as well as 24 hour assistance for emergencies. There is no trip cancellation coverage for financial default (of the travel supplier) as well as pre-existing medical conditions. This is a good entry level plan with basic coverages.


This is one of Travel Guard’s cheapest trip insurance plans. It comes with 100% coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption. Insurance provides $500 if there are unforeseen costs associated with returning from an interrupted trip. There is coverage for any major global disaster, including terrorism, unannounced military strikes, bad weather, earthquakes, and/or the injury/illness/sickness of the insured or a family member of the insured.


The Gold package offers all the services in the Silver package, with a few extras. There is greater trip interruption coverage, an identity theft restoration service, and a business assistant service. The monetary compensations for trip delays, missed connections, missed flights, and medical expenses are greater in the Gold plan.


The Platinum plan is Travel Guard’s most expensive and complete plan. It includes all of the services associated with the Gold and Silver plans, along with additional benefits. The Platinum plan provides more money for trip interruption, trip delay, missed connections, medical expenses, stolen luggage, stolen documents, and accidental death. If you want to be completely protected while traveling, this is the plan to get.

Each plan can be customized and/or updated before final selection. All plans include an upgrade of medical coverage for a small fee. Renters collision insurance can also be purchased, if you will be renting a car on your trip. Flight Guard, which compensates for accidents during flight, can be purchased with a coverage limit of up to $500,000.

Travel Guard insurance is reliable, effective, and revered the world over. Their website makes it extremely easy to purchase their insurance plans. If you want more information on Travel Guard, their plans, and how to purchase insurance, you should visit their website.


  1. I purchased 2 international flights in Feb 2020, and because of COVID I also purchased AIG Travel Guard, thinking that I would be covered if things got worse. Well, the borders to Germany closed to US citizens and I was unable to travel in August because of this. Not to mention I saved up for a year for my fiance and I to travel abroad. Do you think AIG covered this? Nope! I have gotten the run-around for months now from AIG and every time I call they say that the claim will be expedited to a specialist and I should expect a call in 3-5 days, which never happens! I am wondering what exactly this “travel insurance” covers! Waste of money, unkept promises, never ever purchase this worthless insurance!!!

  2. We have chosen Travel Guard on most of our international travels. The one time we had to make a claim, the company was prompt and professional in their processing of the claim as well as the remittance of our reimbursement check. I hope to God I never need to file a claim again and get to travel without incident. However, as we age, it is something you shouldn’t forget to purchase when leaving the country as you never know what can happen. I have seen too many friends and family members have issues when traveling and not have any sort of insurance in place to help them. I don’t want to be in that boat, so to speak.

  3. We had been a loyal Travel Guard customers for years, spending multiple thousands of dollars in trip insurance over the years. However, the one time I made a claim this year it was for a trip to Cuba where our bags were lost. We submitted MINIMAL costs of $300 to buy clothing, toothbrush, toiletries, etc. to make it one week so we didn’t have to cancel our trip. However, if you’ve been to Cuba, you know these were purchased in flea markets without receipts. And Travel Guard stuck to their policy of MUST SHOW RECEIPTS to be reimbursed, despite offering us the insurance for Cuba in which there are no retail stores. And by the way, they did nothing to help us retrieve our lost luggage there either. We did all the legwork and found the bags ourselves at the end of our trip. Without that, we would have been submitting $1000’s in claims. So basically, we worked for Travel Guard on our trip and got nothing in return for our years of loyal business. We will not purchase from them again basically just due to customer service.

  4. We had to file a claim and received our check without any hassle. Thank you.

  5. I purchased insurance to cover $2,200 of plane tickets, then had to cancel the trip because of illness. I filed the claim (16 pages of paperwork) by certified mail to ensure that it was received and to know when it was received. One week to the day after the paperwork was received by Travel Guard, I got a phone call saying the claim had been processed, and that after a remaining auditing step, a check would be mailed to me. I checked the claim status on line two days later, and the reported status was that the check had been mailed. I’m assuming that I’ll receive the check in a few days. My experience was a positive one.

  6. Travel Guard, offered through my American Express card, supported our evacuation from Patagonia under the most difficult conditions. Unlike our other travel insurance policy purchased through Square Mouth, Travel Guard had a team that processed the medical records in two hrs and had an evacuation crew of two pilots, a dr and EMT to fly my husband to the US for surgery. In remote places it is difficult to communicate – we had no email and limited cell phone access, and the hospital blocked all out-of-country calls. We are forever grateful for Travel Guard’s assistance.

  7. We always buy travel guard plans when we travel. We have claimed in the past and were treated fairly and received our check within 3 weeks.

  8. I bought AIG Travelguard from the AIG Office Italian branch and I regret it so much until now. I haven’t done my travel, so I don’t know if I need to make a claim or whether the claim process is easy. I found them VERY uncommunicative and unresponsive to email. I sent up to 5 messages simply asking for the English version of the policy since I will be traveling to a non-Italian speaking country and it’s important for them to understand what the insurance can cover, however only received 1 response. I don’t want to think how the communication is going to be if I need to make a claim (hopefully not!), but I regret purchasing this insurance even before I do my travel. Definitely will cross this insurance out of my list for next time!!!!

  9. I purchased Travel Guard coverage for sporting event tickets. The chance that I have to travel for work on the day of event was very high. Unfortunately, my work related trip fell on the day of the event that I bought tickets for. I filed the claim to Travel Guard, coverage was denied. Answer – work related tickets cancellations are not covered in my state. In addition to it it took 15 calls back and forth to get in touch with this company representatives, they never take calls, instead they call back whenever they want and most of the time I was busy with my own work when they call back. In relation to coverage in my state: my decision to buy coverage was based on the information provided in the link on ticket purchase webpage where it was stated that work related ticket cancellation is one of the most common examples; description of coverage was in another tab and confirmed this statement, small text however says that document should not be used for such and such states (the list is long). I did not pay attention to this as it was hidden on that document. Apparently there is different document for coverage in my state. If I would refer to the webpage they tell me to I would literally hit the wall as it asks me to provide product number, code and other stuff that I would never know. The bottom line – even if I went through all the guidance to get to coverage description particular to my state I would never get to it. AND I am only buying 3 tickets for sporting event that cost $30 each. Would I spend all this time reading pages and pages of information on offered coverage? Obviously NOT. MY case was shown in the list of common examples and I took this coverage….. It turns out the whole coverage is complete scam, I don’t see it any other way. From the day I purchased it until the day I finally had productive conversation with their rep they did everything they can to sidetrack me from reality. I WILL NEVER BUY TRAVEL GUARD INSURANCE AGAIN AND DO NOT recommend it to anyone.

  10. I purchased a ticket for my cousin back on Sept 13, 2013 for a flight from Fla to Md and took the Travel Guard Insurance for $49.95. My cousin had previus surgery on 9/4/13 to remove a splinter from his finger, at the time I purchase the ticket for him to come to a family reunion in MD he expected no complications but on his follow up visit on Sept 16th he was told he would have to return to the doctors on the 20th, therefore he would not be able to make the flight. I called Travelocity spoke to customer service rep Chrita was given a canclation# and was told I had complied with the cancelation agreement and that I would received back the amount of the ticket priced I purchased. On January 2014 after several calls regarding my refund I was told it was under investigation and about 8 forms were sent to me to have the doctor fill out, which he did and I have been fighting back and forward with the insurance company Travelocity uses called Travel Guard, I’ve had to follow up with them everymonth, had to refax forms, had to call the doctors office myself in Fla. to have them send the documentation they were requesting. Today I get a reply (4/14/14) mind you thats been 8 months and they are refusing the claim stating it was a pre-exsisting injury. What a crock of bull!!! I am know turning this case over to the credit card I used for fruad and letting them handle this isuue. I got my money back from my credit card. I just wanted to let share my experience with anyone else that wants to use Travelocity and buy the $49.95 insurance plan to cover any flight arrangements, that YOU WILL NOT be refuned as stated. You might as well go with a regular airline such as Southwest and pay the slight difference because in the long run you will not be saving any money, My time that I have spent on this case has cost me more than the ticket was even worth. Sincerely..Teresa Brewer Claim# 1691440

  11. From purchase to claim, it went pretty smoothly

  12. We bought the insurance when flying to Philadelphia in the winter. It seemed possible that weather could effect our trip and the insurance gave us peace of mind. However, when we did indeed get delayed 24 hours in Philadelphia, travel guard would not cover the extra day of hotel and car rental. Why? Apparently the delay had to be caused by natural disaster and a storm named Titan did not qualify. They did offer to pay up to 125% of our original airfare If we bought a flight on another airline. This was useless because Virgin would have refunded our money anyway. However, there were no other flights, there was a blizzard. A waste of money, in my opinion.

  13. I purchase a travel guard plan a few weeks before each trip. I’ve only submitted a travel insurance claim once and it went smoothly.

  14. It was not cheapest price but allow me get visa requirement completed.

  15. I am so glad that you are all so thrilled with your purchase. I firmly believe that my travel agent is a wonderful liar. She told my traveling companion that with the Gold plan we would receive our money back if one of us needed to cancel and the reason could be basically anything. So my traveling companion told me today that she is not going and when I called Travel Guard I was told that I would not get a cent back. And was further told that there was no excuse acceptable for me to cancel as I could travel by myself. (And the guideliness specifically state that I could cancel if my travel partner could not go.) Sure and pay a single room rate. NOT! And of course my travel agent is not going to be in the office for a week because she is on vacation so there is nothing I can do. I was also told that no part of my airfare was nonrefundable. So what good did it do for me to pay for insurance?! Absolutely none!!!

  16. I wanted to purchase my insurance policy online, but was confused and had some questions. I spoke with a Travel Guard rep who was able to answer my questions and enrolled me over the phone. I wish the info I was looking for was better presented. However, since then I have purchased an additional policy online without issue as I now understand the coverages.

  17. We purchased a gold policy from Travel Guard for our three-week trip to Italy. On the day we were supposed to return, a hurricane closed JFK airport. We were stuck in Rome for an extra night and then had to fly to Chicago where we got stuck for three more nights. Every step of the way, the reps from Travel Guard were there to help us. We felt like we had a friend who was looking after us. When we made a claim for our hotel and meal expenses under our trip interruption plan, we were thrilled to get almost everything covered. Collecting all of the receipts and documents and filling out the claims forms took a lot of time, but it was worth the effort. All in all, we were very happy with our experience with Travel Guard.

  18. My husband purchased the basic policy for our trip to Hawaii. We didn’t have to cancel or file a claim, but we did call them for some questions/clarifications. The customer service rep was helpful and friendly.

  19. I bought the Travel Guard Silver insurance plan. It was fairly easy to compare and purchase on their site but I found the policy email in my junk folder. That (email delivery issue) is my only real complaint as I thought they never sent it to me and found it in my junk folder the next day.

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