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World Nomads offers travel insurance plans to travelers worldwide. They are based in Australia and have been in business since 2002.


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Overview (Review of World Nomads)

World Nomads is an insurance company specializing in providing coverage to travelers worldwide. With travel insurance offerings in more than 150 countries, it has some of the most extensive reach of any company in the industry. The website is very easy to use and the benefits and restrictions are clearly explained. World Nomads offers a number of distinct advantages:

Wide Range of Options

World Nomads provides multiple levels of plans for your long-term or short-term travel needs. Whether you are into extreme sports, beach lounging, or international business, options exist for your needs.

Affordable Price Tiers

The pricing at World Nomads is very reasonable. While you will be rewarded with discounts by purchasing longer-term insurance, you can pay significantly less for short trips of just a few days or weeks. By adding or subtracting different perks, you can avoid shelling out cash on unneeded coverage.

Reliability of Coverage

World Nomads is highly regarded with travelers. Not only is Lonely Planet an official partner, but many travel bloggers and entrepreneurs suggest World Nomads as a first choice.

A Good Cause

World Nomads is highly engaged in philosophical efforts. Recently, after 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, they established a travel charity program called Footprints. They have also teamed up with National Graphic to form a scholarship for travel.

Plan Options

Depending on your needs, World Nomads provides two distinct options for most countries. The first is very basic, though enough to cover most basic needs. The second is for the more adventurous traveler who anticipates potential accidents along the way.
The standard plan will cover emergency accidents up to $100,000. It also covers pre-existing conditions and certain adventure activities. It even helps with some trip cancellation. However, trip delay insurance is not as high as with the premium option: Explorer.
This is the most comprehensive plan that World Nomads offers. It covers everything that the standard plan offers, including medical coverage, trip cancellation, and even dental treatment. But it also covers up to $500,000 in emergency medical evaluation. This plan is useful for those who plan to take a lot of travel risks.
At the end of the day, World Nomads is a great option for travelers. With great availability of coverage around the globe, fair pricing, and plenty of customization options, it’s a great travel insurance company for veteran or first-time travelers.


  1. Good cheap coverage and I was happy that I could purchase it even after my trip to South America had begun. I forgot to buy medical coverage before my trip and was able to enroll with World Nomads while on my way to Brazil via their website.

  2. I liked the pricing and benefits and that it covered me in multiple countries that I was traveling to.

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