Myth: Travel Insurance Isn’t Available After You’ve Booked and Paid for Your Trip

There are many questions that need to be answered before purchasing travel insurance. It is important to get a complete understanding of what travel insurance is, and what it covers. Comprehensive travel insurance coverage may range from ticket reimbursement to medical coverage. People who are regular travelers already know that trip insurance is a necessity when traveling by airplane, cruising on a ship, or even when staying on rental property at your destination. Travel insurance coverage takes away the unnecessary stress when traveling. Most travel providers offer comprehensive travel insurance as part of the many travel packages that they offer. The insurance is included in the final cost of of the package, but it is always best to compare your options to find the right coverage for the right price.

Many people get confused about travel insurance, and when it should be purchased. They have heard the myth about travel insurance not being available after the ticket, or trip, has been paid for. This is an untrue statement. Comprehensive travel insurance can be taken out even after payment of tickets have been made. If the insurance is not taken at the time of completed travel arrangements with an agency, it can be bought separately by the traveler. Travel insurance companies will have all of the information needed to make a responsible choice of plans based on your trip details that you enter to get a quote. This should be done within seven to twenty one days after making the trip payment in order to be eligible for the widest range of coverage including Cancel For Any Reason (optional upgrade) and pre-existing condition exclusion waivers. In instances where travel insurance has been forgotten, it can be bought the day before the trip with standard coverage.

Travel insurance is always available as long as it is taken out before the intended travel date to ensure maximum coverage. The only time that a passenger can generally not get coverage for a trip is when it is already in progress. If coverage is needed at this time, we work with one provider than can offer coverage after a trip has begun. Trip interruption or delay coverage can not be obtained in the middle of a flight, or once the ship has set sail. If making travel plans with a travel agency, and travel insurance is recommended, it is a smart choice to hold off and compare and buy online to find the best coverage. This is one component of traveling that can easily be forgotten.