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Travel Insured International has been in the travel insurance market since 1994. They are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, which is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best. United States Fire Insurance Company has been in business since 1824.


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Travel insurance is something that every traveler should consider before his or her trip abroad. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family, travel insurance can provide a security blanket should anything go wrong. Whether it is missed flights, missed connections, natural disasters, or illness/injury, you will be covered by your travel insurance plan.

Travel Insured International is one of the premier trip insurance companies in the world. They have various trip insurance plans designed to ensure that travelers are protected when they leave home for their travels.


Detailed Information About Travel Insured International

Travel Insured International is one of the top insurance companies around. They have been offering solid insurance plans for decades, giving them a level of respect in the business that is difficult to attain. Their plans are a combination of comprehensive coverage and financial prudence.

The company understands that not everyone can pay huge amounts for travel insurance. This is why their cheaper plans still include excellent coverage. If you are looking to compare their plans with other companies, you will see why Travel Insured International is so successful.


Plans Offered by Travel Insured International

Travel Insured International offers four different insurance plans, giving customers plenty to choose from. Having four different options means that you will get the insurance you want, not just the insurance being offered to you.
Plan 1 – Trip Protector Lite

This is the most appealing of the four plans, because it combines cost effectiveness with comprehensive insurance coverage. Trip cancellation, delays, interruptions, baggage delays, theft, damage, and medical emergencies are all covered by the plan. There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions or accidental death/dismemberment.

Plan 2 – Trip Protector Lite Expanded

This plan includes everything from the Trip Protector Lite plan, as well as eligibility for pre-existing medical conditions for up to 14 days after the trip deposit is made. There is a payout for missed connections, supplier bankruptcy, and school year extensions that lead to trip cancellations.

Plan 3 – Worldwide Trip Protector

This is a plan designed for those who are traveling as a family. Kids under 18 are insured for free in this plan, as long as they are related to an adult on the plan. There is complete coverage for medical emergencies, evacuation, and accidents. Pre-existing medical conditions are covered for up to 21 days after the trip deposit is made. Payouts are made for trip cancellation, interruptions, delays, baggage delay, baggage theft/loss, ID loss and recovery, and credit card loss.

Plan 4 – Worldwide Trip Protector Plus

The most comprehensive plan Travel Insured International has to offer, ‘Worldwide Trip Protector Plus’ is perfect for those who want to be fully covered while traveling. The plan has the highest compensation for medical emergencies, evacuation, trip cancellation, interruption and delays. There is also hefty compensation for baggage issues and lost ID/credit cards. Eligibility for a pre-existing condition and Cancel for Any Reason coverage now extends to 21 days after the trip deposit is made.


  1. I need to talk to a rep regarding my scheduled trip.

  2. I am writing this review to express my utter disgust with Travel Insured International and to warn other against purchasing their policies. My trip was canceled because my wife received a cancer diagnosis. Travel Insured International claims that her cancer was a pre-existing condition despite the actual cancer diagnosis coming several weeks after I purchased the policy. This company will make you jump through hoops, submit tons of paperwork and not reach out concerning the claim status. You will end up having to do all the heavy lifting if you have to file a claim. I will never use Travel Insured International again and will advise my friends and family to do the same.
    To sum it all up- Travel Insured International is a company that denies claims to cancer patients and their families.

  3. I purchased this insurance for my late wife and I last October for a cruise we had booked.She had terminal cancer and ended up being too ill to travel. We were NOT told beforehand of any such stipulation as a pre-existing medical condition denying us a refund should she be unable to travel. If they had informed us of this stipulation, I never would have purchased this worthless insurance ! Bottom line,they did reimburse MY half,but not my wife’s half.People should be informed of such shady business practices! To prey on a terminally ill woman is very unethical behavior ! Buyer beware !

  4. This company was A+ from the start. We chose their Worldwide Travel Plan, researched all the fine print against their competitors, and signed the agreement. However, at the last minute, we had to cancel our trip to Italy due to pneumonia (!). It was very sad, but this insurance company was outstanding in communication, support, and keeping their end of the bargain with our coverage. We will use them again, and again for their reliability and customer care.

  5. We bought a policy for our trip to Italy and thankfully did not have to use it. It was well priced and easy to buy.

  6. We had purchased the World Wide Trip Protector Lite insurance prior to our scheduled trip to an all inclusive in Playa Del Carmen, MX. Unfortunately we had to cancel the day before our departure due to my wife’s emergency appendectomy. They sent me the claim forms immediately after my phone call to them. They were filled out completely and submitted via US Mail. no further documentation was need and we were reimbursed in withing a month.

  7. Travel insured reimbursed us for all expenses incurred from a cruise ship delay which made us miss our flight. We had lodging and food expenses for two extra days. We were very pleased with their service.

  8. No claim submitted

  9. Being an Attorney, I admittedly dug into the terms and conditions prior to purchasing the trip insurance policy from Travel Insured International. However, once I found the language to be acceptable, I purchased the ‘Worldwide Trip Protector’ plan and believe to have received good coverage for a fair price. My trip went smoothly and I did not need to cancel or use any of the emergency coverages while on the trip.

  10. Before I left on my trip, I purchased the Worldwide Trip Protector to cover my family. The quotes were pretty easy to understand and the process of buying was relatively easy. Nothing unexpected happened on the trip so we did not have to submit a claim or interact with their customer service department.

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