How Travel Agents Are Compensated By Travel Insurance Companies

How Travel Agents Are Compensated By Travel Insurance Companies

Travel insurance has become quite common and affordable these days. Given the fact that there are several different types of travel insurance policies available, it is not difficult to find a travel insurance policy that fits a person’s travel plans. Travel insurance has also become available to travel agents and opened up new doors for them to make some extra money, in the form of commissions.

It is a known fact that many countries’ visa requirements include travel insurance. And, when you grasp the sheer numbers of people who travel every day, it is quite obvious that millions of travel insurance policies are purchased annually. Whether it is single trip travel insurance or multi-trip insurance, a travel insurance policy has become a must-have for most travelers.

Many insurance companies offer affiliate programs to licensed insurance travel agents and insurance agents giving them a chance to make more money. In addition, people who contact travel agents for their travel needs would usually be offered a travel insurance policy.

By offering travel insurance policies, travel agents can benefit monetarily and the clients who purchase travel insurance from the travel agents gain peace of mind. Travel insurance companies offer a percentage as commission for every travel insurance policy that a travel agent sells. The commission varies from company to company and also depends on the types of travel insurance policy that is sold.

From a client’s point of view; the advantage of purchasing a travel insurance policy from a travel agent is that the client might be able to purchase a policy that is tailor made for his or her travel plan. The client gets the opportunity to explain his or her travel insurance needs and the travel agent can assist the client accordingly.

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