How To Get Low Premiums On Annual Travel Insurance Coverage

How To Get Low Premiums On Annual Travel Insurance Coverage

If you travel three times a year or more, purchasing travel insurance coverage with annual or multi-trip benefits is a great way to take advantage of comprehensive coverage with low premiums. Annual travel insurance coverage is ideal for individuals, families and senior citizens who travel regularly. In most cases, purchasing an annual travel insurance policy that is renewable in 12-month increments is more affordable than purchasing single-trip coverage for several separate destinations. As a general rule, if you travel more than three times a year, you can take advantage of low premiums on annual travel insurance coverage.

Terms for annual travel insurance coverage traditionally include an unlimited number of trips less than 90 days in length. Policy terms and limits vary depending on the travel insurance plan and carrier, so it’s important to review all benefits and exclusions to accurately determine what plan best fits your needs. Investing in annual travel insurance plans that cover all trips more than 100 miles from home is an ideal solution for travelers seeking effective benefits across the country or around the world. For example, annual travel insurance coverage can protect a family of four on the annual ski trip, during a Caribbean cruise and on an overseas trip to visit relatives.

Families, seniors, children and domestic living partners can take advantage of low premiums for multi-policy coverage and annual travel insurance policies. As an extra incentive, many carriers offer discounted rates for children under 18 traveling with an insured parent. Globe-hopping senior citizens can take advantage of low premiums and specialized benefits targeted for seniors traveling on cruises and on land. With an open schedule, many retirees and seniors enjoy traveling internationally on cruises and sightseeing trips that can be covered with one annual travel insurance policy.

To provide low premiums and tailored policy benefits, some providers offer annual travel insurance plans with a la carte benefits for trip cancellation, trip interruption, pre-existing medical conditions and emergency benefits. Opting for an annual travel insurance policy with tailored benefits is a great ways to avoid coverage exclusions for adventure sports and other activities while also insuring ski equipment, golf clubs and valuable sports equipment. To control costs, policyholders can choose individual add-ons and endorsements, such as rental car coverage, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, lost or delayed luggage coverage, hospital and dental expenses and other benefits.

If you’re looking for low premiums on annual travel insurance coverage intended for multiple short-term trips, shopping for a policy with benefits tailored to your age, travel habits or destination is a great place to start. A simple strategy like purchasing your annual travel policy online could save up to 5% off standard rates.

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